It Doesn't Matter Anymore

Was always scared to talk
Hardly ever showed my emotions
Hated being called on during
class in fear of being wrong

Never liked being made
the center of attention
Didn’t appreciate being looked at
Could never get passed whatever
hurtful things were said to me
Couldn’t even order at a restaurant
or tell someone they were wrong

But then the older I got
the more I realized it won’t
matter in the long run.
I realized it happens to everyone

No one will remember the girl who used to be shy
Or the times we had to present during class.
I won’t remember the insults or rumors
All I will remember is what they taught me.
And then I’ll go to my favorite restaurant and
order whatever I want without judgment.

Learned to get out of my own head.
Learned it doesn't matter now and that it
won't matter five years down the road.
And taught myself not to care anymore.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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