It Doesn't Come From Above

Why must we feel heartbreak? From where does it come?

I assure you this: It doesn’t come from above

But rather from evil with malicious intent

First pleasure, then pain and spiritual torment


We lay in bed with tears pooling our eyes

We cry out loudly and wonder why

A God so good could let us suffer

One pain leaves, then comes another


We drink too much and love too little

Our minds are weak and our hearts are brittle

Kill, rob, and destroy is what the enemy loves

But we have to remember: it doesn’t come from above


We tend to wander and blatantly ignore

Our Father who loves us like no one before

He hears our pleas, He hears our cries

He binds up our wounds and wipes tears from our eyes


“I don’t understand,” we might say

“Why can’t you just take our sorrow away?”

To which He replies:

“One day you will see that sin has no place when you are with me.”


A song I know weeps lyrics of despair

It says, “Only the devil responded ‘cuz God wasn’t there.”

It’s a lie even I once believed to be true

But now I am certain: He deeply loves me and He deeply loves you


And while here on Earth we strive for pleasure

We have a Father who loves beyond what we can measure

What freedom we have to be sinners and broken

Our sins were forgiven when on the cross He had spoken


Our hearts may be aching and we may be angry and scared

But our God is with us; He’s always right there

He wants us to trust Him and know we are loved

Because that’s the kind of thing that comes from above

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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