Is it the colour or

Is it the colour or the texture of ma skin?

Is it the length or texture of ma hair?

Is it the size or firmeness of ma breast, hips and butt?

Or the structure of ma face and the alignment of its features????

NO its my soul, life and the spirit i have with in me that makes my uniqueness surpass all negativity, rejection and words of slander that tries to convince me that I'm not good enough or have what it takes to full fill ma dreams..........

You people don't define me........I define me

I define what beauty means and is to me

How dare you try to make me feel less than I am by pointing out my mistakes and flaws and what you deem to be the 'It Girl'????

Beauty doesn't lie with in clothes size, ethnic back ground, colour, body shape or status......BEAUTY the TRUE kind is skin deep and it lies with in me and shines through me......

The more beautiful I try to make ma inside be the brighter my beauty shines through me.....

It makes me stand out in the thickest of thickest and largest of largest crowds,

It makes me unique in the eyes of everyone I come in contact with as i move about,

so theres no need for me to shout

It makes me leave an everlsting impression and over powering impact on all I've graced with my presence.

When i enter a room people stop and stare as I sway and swing my hips saying "Good day everyone" with them,

Ma lips curles up in to a bright smile that warms hearts, accompanied by my eyes that sparkle creating a feeling of warmth and 'awwwww'

And when my lips part to speak into the mic everyone freezes and listens attentively to hear.....

My rhymes

thats goona soothe their minds

and caress their hearts as they drift off into the horizine of imagination

My words

thats gonna empower not devour

My thoughts

thats gonna reflect their emotions, feelings and concern

So sit back back and get ready to drift as I'm about to Blow and make u yern for more........

Mic check......1,2 1,2......



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