It All Started with One...

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 18:52 -- sapicou

One word…

Then the galaxies and the planets spread across the vast universe and the stars found their place in the cosmos

One word…

Then the sun shined in the day and the moon appeared in the midnight blue sky

One word…

Then the birds flew over the luscious green hills and the fish swam in the shimmering crystal oceans

One word…

Then the trees grew as high as the clouds and the sweet smell of the roses blew in the calming winds

Within one word, all things exist

Within one breath, life began

And within one life, those who believe will forever be

One word, one breath, one life, one Sovereign being

The One in whom all things were created

The One in whom all things dwell

The One in whom peace, joy, and love never fade away

The One who died because He cares

The One who rose because He loves

The One who lives forever because He is King

He is Lord

He is Creator

He is Awesome

Yes, my God is Awesome!


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