Isn't that Enough?


College kids party.

I don't.

Isn't that enough?



describes me.

From parents,

from friends,

from doctors.


I'm not.

I dream.

I act.

Just like you.

Isn't that enough?


Stop acting like I'm wrong.

Because I play my games.

Because I stare into space.

Because I dance alone.


I'm weird

So that you're normal.

I'm strange

So that you're cool.

Isn't that enough?


Let me sleep until 12.

Let me talk to the moon like a mother.

Let me pretend to be a King.

Or a Legend.

Or a Savior.


I'm not hurting you,

By wandering in the woods.

By playing games.

By loving myself the way I am.

Isn't that enough?


Stop telling me,

to wear nice pants.

To talk to strangers.

To be what I'm not.


I don't tell you to

kiss trees,

sleep naked,

play Pokemon.

Isn't that enough?


At least pretend

you don't see me.

That's better than your advice,

that I'll never ask for.


I want to decide who I am.

I want to choose what I'll wear,



Isn't that enough?


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