The Irony of a Safety Pin

Itchy skin,

cicadas, buzzing lights, shivering,

waking up when the sky is cloudy,

a metal fork scratching a porcelain plate,

falling in public,

knots being brushed out of hair,

a cuticle peeled back too far,

a bug bite on the bottom of a toe,

tapping toes, an hour Spanish class,

an audition,

the small red light on a radio in a dark room,

the smoke after blowing out a candle,

a creaky house, amber alerts,

a failing grade, crooked picture frames,

stains on a white shirt, ex boyfriends,

ex girlfriends, friends, homework,

the future,

scratched glasses, crying babies,

scars, forgetting to shave your legs,

a dead body, the eyes of a teenage girl,

dropping dried out roses,

hands that smell like cigarettes,

a burnt tongue from too hot tea,

an anxiety attack, September 25th, 6:40 PM, on a walk



This is a great list. Wasn't sure about teenage girl's eyes

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