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The only girl I want in my land, is the person that plays in my orchestra band
Iris stronger than Isis , run like a virus
Escaping from danger, faster than a ranger
In Alum Rock Park, from light to dark 
Takes pictures with Tippets invite me to the exhibit 
Plays the xylophone , while on the telephone
Hitting up boys, while eating  bok Choy
Drinking ensure, to replenish muscle for sure
U barely eat,maybe that's the magic hat 
She's a warriors fan, plays ball with king Midas hand
Iris shatter your algebra with calculus , calculating that angle to shoot, so fabulous
The limit of Iris approaching zero , undefined since she's a hero 
Optimizing the net, court ,backboard,she's the queen dominating the chess board 
Zipping through the opponents and grabbing that moment 
Like crossing the finish line, and pounding up incline
Leading her team as a captain ,she's such a distraction
Since she run so fast she makes everyone look trash 
Never giving up ,oh such a model, running like a pro with such full throttle
Those defining calves,flexing through the path 
O Iris, o Iris ,teach me your ways cos you got some game 
Got so much muscle, through all the hustle 
Lemme see you tussle, even through the trouble
Knows how to play in the symphony and rocks the timpani
Hits the triangle and makes everyone dangle
Now you seen all the reasons and I’m bringing her to that region

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My community


Iris Vasquez

cool! lol I find it kind of unique.Hi my name is Iris and ironically enough im in both band and orchestra and i take calculus.

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