Iridescent Glitter, Taking the World By Storm


United States
32° 15' 5.238" N, 110° 50' 14.676" W

I am glitter 

Popular for celebrations, I add color and excitement 

An easy smile, a joyful laugh 

With my smooth exterior, people think of me only as happy 

I glimmer and shine 

As sweet as the cake that I often decorate 

and adding just as much joy to people's lives 

I reflect light and bring out the best in people 

as I was created to do  


Once pristine and unblemished,  

A few scratches now disrupt my flawless shimmer 

An injury that never healed,  

challenging my will to keep up with others  

on our colorful adventures 

I have a few spots that cave in just slightly 

that sometimes struggle to find the light 

Those spots were caused by other people  

who couldn't control their demons 

allowing the claws to sink into me  


But made from plastic 

I am virtually indestructible 

Small and lightweight, I am easily carried on the wind 

Willing to try new things, I embrace change  

although I cannot always discern the destination 

or even the direction 

I've been slammed into the ground 

Dropped from great highs by those I trusted 

Who left the party without warning 

but I am always picked back up by a power greater than me 

that sweeps me up and carries me onward 

I add my own strength, trying to contribute to the flight 

Dancing and soaring through my days 

and trusting that I will end up where I should be 




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