Invisible, Man

Met a man on the street today, black shoes, black glasses, black skin

Talked a while about this age we're living in

Told me his story, how he'd nearly made history

Until he realized the strings were pulled by white hands
And the puppet was tied to the strings that made him dance
So he ran, he told me
He ran and he hid
He hid and he planned
Underneath their very feet lived an invisible man

In his eyes I saw myself with clarity
And he spoke with sincerity

Said, "I am an invisible man," his voice was my voice 

Our lips formed the same words, made the same noise

Though I am no man, I'm here just for the show, man

Is there room in this hiding place for a woman?
With no more to give than the big hips and the spanish lips

Than the thick legs

That walk the pavement for your entertainment

I told him, 

"We'd have voted for your black president

If more of us could become residents

But domestic jobs don't cover Visa costs

So we stay undocumented, stay unrepresented
The lightness of my skin keeps me hidden in the streets
Then I open my mouth to speak, a disguise is only skin deep

Yet disguised is how we stay alive
No other way when racial profiling is legalized

No other way when a Hindu in a turban 

Can't board a plane without causing a disturbance

No other way when immigration, scared of the latin invasion

Denies a daughter the chance to see her father

And he's a citizen but she can't visit him

Without a stable job, a man, a loan
Anything to keep her ties back home

Can't have another latin girl make America her own
We are invisible too, man, you are not alone."

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