Invisible Girl


United States
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When I was in high school, I was the invisible girl. No one looked at me, No one said a word to me. I sat in the corner of the room. I wrote down all my thoughts in my journal. I would look up; I would see everyone staring at me. I could read all their facial expressions. “Look at that girl; she is such a freak. No wonder she does not have any friends.” “What is she writing in there; all the ways she could commit suicide?” “I really want to tell her she is loved, but I don’t want anyone else to see.” “What a loner!” I always thought that I would be the invisible girl. I never thought anyone could ever care about how I felt. I figured that I would never go on a date, and that a boy would never dream of kissing me. One day, he sat by me. He kept saying stupid things to get me to smile. He kept asking me questions to see if I would talk. The harder he tried, the harder I tried to shut him out. He was relentless, but I refused! I am not going to let a cute, college football player get to know me. He will never read the dark secrets in my journal. I am not going to let him hurt me. I am not supposed to feel anything, but invisible For, I am invisible girl. It did not matter what I thought because this boy was going to get his way. He did not care what other people thought about me because he didn’t see what they see. He saw me. It was like I was naked; he knew every part of me I was trying to hide. My cracked heart was repair by the love in his heart. See. It did not matter how lonely I felt in the world. It did not matter that no one understood me in high school. Because one day I found a boy who loved me; I was everything in his world. I once was invisible girl, who sat in the corner all alone. Now, I am his girl, and my spot is any seat next him. High school was not the end of the world.



I was inspired to write this poem because I felt misunderstood by people in high school.

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