Sat, 06/15/2013 - 00:11 -- GABYT89

When I was younger,
I had always wished to be Invisible.
I used to put a blanket over my head,
hide in corners of the room.
I always thought of how cool it would be
to be there but unseen.

Who would have thought
that a childish game
would have become so real.

"Hi, I'm Gaby. Whats your name"
For 5 years, I hardly ever got a response.

I would do nice things,
I would compliment any chance I got
I embarrassed myself a lot.
But remarkably no one ever noticed.

When I got into high school
I tried my best to stay hidden.
Why try to shine when no one cares.

I cried a lot.
In class
in hallways
in bathrooms.
No one ever paid attention.

I went through a full on mental breakdown
in the middle of class
during a lecture
but no one listened.

They never seem to anyways.

After all this is what I wanted.
To be unheard.
To be unseen.
Ultimately to be ignored.

Being Invisible has its perks though.
You never have to explain yourself
and you never get in trouble.
Free pass from work
and absences.

I'll find my peace in being Invisible.
I'll embrace it
I'll let it take over and change me
turn me into something nicer
happier even.


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