The Introvert

Wed, 03/12/2014 - 20:21 -- zaiahb


These describe me.
I watch people as they talk to their friends.
They share stories, experiences, and I
I listen
not eavesdropping
but overhear.
If only I could share something with someone
If only I had people to hang out with.
If only I had...
A friend.
At least one.
If only I was more outgoing instead of shy.
If only I was extroverted instead of introverted.
Then things would be different.
I would have something to do on Friday nights.
I could get in trouble.
Go to a party.
Go joyriding.
But no.
Instead, I sit at home.
Some days, I wonder what it would be like.
To be sociable, friendly, and outgoing.
I wonder that when I'm looking at others with their friends.
I wonder what they knew that one of them is hurting inside but can't see it.
I can see it. 
I wonder what if I could just go up and ask what was wrong.
To tell them that everything is going to be all right.
Then i would have a made...
a freind.
I swear.
With every fiber of my being.
I will change.
I don't know how.
I don't know when.
But one of these days, I will become more social!


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