I have these feelings trapped inside that cannot be put into words.

The pounding in my head made by words left unsaid is causing so much hurt.


These memories of mistakes I've made are ever haunting me.

No outlet, no cure, or great escape for me to get away.

I'm left stranded like an island, sorrounded by thoughts that are slowly killing me.


I feel like a psychopath: my body constrained in a straight jacket;

My tongue bound by insecurity; my thoughts by iron bars are held back.


Like a man in exile I cannot communicate

What means most to me to those near me.

I just can't find a way.


I'm breaking inside.

I'm losing my mind.

This shallow life, 

It just isn't right.


The thoughtful light's been consumed by night.


I need deep conversation.

I need vulnerability.

I crave bleeding hearts

And tearful sincerity.


I am overwhelmed by a desire for more:

More passion, more beauty, more meaning.

And Lord,

As I fall to my knees on this cold, dark floor

Give me words that bring warmth and shake the world to its core.




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