Intro To Yourself

Wed, 03/23/2016 - 10:43 -- amanimp

 Hi   I'm here to tell you a story A story about me Or you Or him Or her Or those two over there Or the ones walking behind me    Hi   I'm here to tell you that We are alike I'm here to tell you that blood flows through my veins Sharp objects can cause me pain And water falls from my eyes as time passes over.   Hi    I survive off a combination of things  I need two hydrogen molecules fused with oxygen to allow me to properly function  I rely on vegetation to transform the gasses in this atmosphere into a gas that soothes my soul and that fills my lungs.   Hi   I much like you, am a unique creature   I come in many shades and sizes  I come from many different locations but really I start from the same.  I am exposed to different cultures, languages, and ideas And in those create my own identity The world currently holds over 7 billion different forms of me And we are a family But We fight We judge  We kill We demean and demoralize  We separate only because our appearance.   We hate yet don't want to be hated   We are confused   Hi    I am the only being who's existence is its own problem to solve.   Hi     I have emotions and I concern with how I might be perceived  I shake as the white falls from the skies  I leak from these tiny holes all over me as this yellow flame rises so high and covers the earth around me.  Hi   I come from a dark place   A place I don't remember     I come from another thing that's much like me.   Hi   I fear the unexplained  I run from what can cause my pain  I seek opportunity  And I stand here ruling the world.  I am of a unique breed of organisms who seem to have covered the planet . In a blanket that shows shades of Whites Browns and Blacks  That sings hymns of praise and lives in days That seeks to move on once my time has passed in this world That loves, That hurts, That Thinks, That learns,  That has so many different variations of what's sometimes the same story.  Hi    I refuse to accept that I am less than another in any area because of how I might appear. For years FOR YEARS I have oppressed but I have also been Oppressed. I have been Privileged But Have stolen it from others.  I have been abused , used , toyed with and judged. For YEARS I have been misunderstood  I have been stereotyped  I have been segregated , integrated , Humiliated.  Hi   I'm a lot like you Because we start as the same  I understand now we might have differences because the experiences we've gained. I understand we don't exactly look alike but don't fear me before you understand that we are alike. I stand in front of A mirror speaking to myself  Each word that comes out is different. I'm always different,  But I don't see different I embrace different  Cause at the end I just want to say   Hi  For I am you and you are me.  We have differences I agree,  But Silly Me.    I do apologize I forgot to introduce myself   Hi    I am Human   I see beyond color ,race,culture, and religion. I understand I must embrace those things that make all these versions of me unique   Hi   I am much like you, And you are much like me. So please look to see me as I am. Look to see me as Human.   

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