Morgan Hill California
West Dunne
United States
35° 18' 22.5864" N, 78° 36' 32.0508" W

I could tell she was upset by the way she carried herself. Her back was stick straight up and her fingers were tightly intertwined. I knew that she thought if she looked poise she would have it all together. I could tell by her hug that she didn’t want to say goodbye- neither did i. She was tired of being alone. She turned her back away from me and walked into the darkness. I began to worry because it felt like minutes since she’d left, but soon enough her porch lights turned on. As she shut the door behind her I saw tears rolling down her face. Even knowing that she’s crud killed me, but actually seeing it made me feel as if death possessed her body and made me eat her heart. She had every right reason to cry but she often pondered the thought and wondered if she should even be crying. She’d wonder if she should even be crying. She’d wonder why she was, and if her reasons were really her reasons or if she was insane and losing it. She’d look in the mirror and feel a strange overwhelming comfort overtake her crying wrinkles would rest. She felt peace but quickly lost hold of it and cried much harder. She had ever reason to cry but she never felt that it was worth it to, which made her cry more. I would smile at her because it made her happy. I did all I could, enough so that she wouldn’t fall in love. I had to distance myself though it ached me. It hurt to have her think i didn’t care, I always had open arms and made an effort to be there. But it was up to her to come to me, I’d always be waiting. She was beauty but with so much pain, I wouldn’t fall in love because I couldn’t watch her waste away.


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