The International House of Candy

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 15:53 -- AJay

We are the gigantic bowl of candy on top of the fridge

Daddy morphed together and shook like crazy so we'd be quiet

There are those delicious, good-looking pieces

That could get us sick but we don't normally think twice

There are those delightful Skittles and M&Ms I love

That everyone judges and picks out and throws away

The average Tootsie Rolls that range

From eh to good to awesome

There are the sweet candies that go bad after a few chews

That you have to get and keep real fast or else they aren't the same

There are the sour patches that are torture to the tongue

But are figured out after a few trial and errors

There are the blow pops that have hard bitter shells

But a sweet delicious center inside

There are the chocolates that never do wrong

But are accused of making us all fat and avoided until the cycle comes

There are the caramel candies that just look questionable

And don't make it far in most's company but are the best to me

There are those weird lollipops that my neighbor gives out

That I don't understand so they stay there until December 7th when I'm craving

There are those sweet yet hard candies,

Sour yet chewy candies,

And the ones that the dentist gives that the "best" hard candies you'll ever try

All of them can do damage but if we leave them in bowl, there's no point of Trick-or-Treating

So, don't judge the candy until you try it and puke!

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