Internal Love


Its hard

For me to believe

That your selfish sight is in the lead 

It persuades to ignore the love that every human being needs

The difference is:

Your eyes drown onto the beauty but my heart swims to the beast 

To say the least 

It the love that I feast

Not the striking features that you seem to seek

But hopefully something is in there to give persona a peek

Give me and chance to help you see

I want you to look at me

Even if being attractive is out of my reach

I want you to see the inside 

But here

Take a seat

Try not to focus on my flesh and bones 

But more in the middle where I hold the beating love stone 

Do you see it?

Do you see that your hands is what makes it hold?

Do you see it now?

Is it clear and bold?

Now look all around me before you think you're going insane

Do you see the blood cells in my veins?

Do you recognize the letters? 

Can you see that it spells out your name?

How are you feeling right now? Are you afraid?

Did I say something wrong? 

Are you not brave?

Do you see I need to be saved?

Look at the skin on my arms now

Have you noticed that these marks are not starting to fade?

Here I am drifting again

Why haven't you stopped me to concave?

Look into my pupils now

I need to feel your gaze 

Do you see that I truly do love you now?

Or do you feel that this is a game?

Tell me now to go away or that you don't feel the same

I'll leave you alone

Even if its not in the healthiest way 


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