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i was born with no silver spoon in my mouth
i'll make certain as i grow, my talents won't go to waste and head down south
as a child, i encounter many hardships
unlike others, i don't run away when i face challenges, i embrace ownerships
that is what defines me as a man
my blueprints for success is a master plan
going through the walk of life is like taking a jouney through the brick road in which is not yellow
i will continue to sustain all the jealousy and be mellow
i am not immune to trials and tribulations
all my ideas will be institutionalize with revelations
although there are many concerns of social unjust
standing up for what i believe in is a must
even now, i'm a target of racial ignorant mentalities
i'll make sure that i won't be a victim of socio-economic inequalities

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"Unlike others, i don't run away when i face challenges" is a very strong line because it describes how you, as an individual, take a stand when you want to fix something as opposed to trying to escape the matter at hand. This is a very beneficial rule to live by, and more people should learn to live by it as well.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i go by many rules that has influence my way of thinking
most important notion is make a stand and not run away from challenges
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