Inspired by the skies and



Inspired by the skies and the sunshine,

You're perfect in my eyes. 

I'm obsessed with Your words

the beautiful melody of Your voice,

I hear You all day.. clouding my thoughts

Memory of You?

I have no choice.

Inspired by the stars and the moonlight,

being with You will always suffice.

I know this is for me when I

believe in You more than I believe in myself,

this burning flame of passion

I pray to God this nervousness melts.

and I'll be sure it does.

cause when You take control of me,

I feel at ease. At peace.

like with the help of You,

I'd be less scared of eternity.

see when nobody understands, You always do

at first hand.

I appreciate when You take me out of my comfort zone

and release me from these shallow waters, 

and throw me into the deepest of seas

I look up to Your horizon for conformation if I've made it home.

and when You bring me in with open arms, 

for these few moments

I know. 

I am body. You are soul.

I'm soul searching to find these puzzle pieces to make me whole,

energy when I flow. flows fall like water and

precipitating rhythms over my body

living off of this natural heat.

and I call Your name so sweetly...


You are what's awesome to me.

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