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stand up taall and face yourself in the mirror. let yourself know that  their is nothing in this world that is 
Sixteen years old and still a virgin not ashamed to say that cause at this age girls are givin birth and I hope and pray these babies grow up in their wordbut this generation can barely go to church see I know we go th
I painted a portrait of my soul
Ciaorue Tú eres una creatura hermosa. You are a beautiful creature.  La felicitad que me traes todos los días es como una paloma blanca.
God Is Good As I look around this world, what do I see? I see death, sickness, sadness, and misery
Sometimes you forget to look up at the sun To see it shinning brightly  forget to see the little things  that make our lives so special  when all you see  is what is bad  it's harder to believe
Waking from nightmare glassy-eyed and stuffy-headed,  I have then recollected that memory I dreaded.   The storm. The storm was too cold. My beloved husband Columbus,
Inspired by the skies and the sunshine, You're perfect in my eyes.  I'm obsessed with Your words the beautiful melody of Your voice, I hear You all day.. clouding my thoughts Memory of You?
Mirror, mirror on the wall..
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