Why do we write, scribbling ink onto paper?

Why do we do it now instead of later?

Why indeed do we do so many things in life, 

Instead of facing head on its many strifes?


For some, these stanzas and rhymes help a bit. 

They make us think and let us control it. 

Illusions of stability made by turning thoughts into words, 

Otherwise, would any of us even be heard?







Or perhaps even

A short and simple haiku

Packed with a large punch.


So many different types await the creative mind.

Some may choose to let them rhyme entwined, 

Or to let them fall flat without a twin. 


There is no wrong way to write, 

Nor is there a wrong reason, 

But to ignore it at all, 

Commits against yourself treason. 


Let the creative juices flow freely, 

Let them go how they might.

However your poem turns out, 

Just make sure

            it feels


This poem is about: 
Our world


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