We all have a sparkA glimmerThe beginning of an eternal flameThat rages inside us all Mine is unlike no otherYet it something the human race desireSomething we craveSomething we want to have I am inspired by loveBy hope, by dreamsBy faith and joyIt all owns a part of me I am inspired by the dark sideOf this world Inspired to be greater than itInspired to try just a little bit harder Inspired by the need to be just a little bit strongerInspired by the need to pass with flying colorsInspired by someone I don’t want to live withoutInspired by the person who has claimed my heart Inspired by the love that sparked In a choir room, at the backWhen the teacher wasn’t watching When two hearts became one  I became inspired when my heart stoppedStarted beating for himInspired when the stars and moon were put in their placeInspired when he smiled my way Young and in love Experienced and learningHurt and healingForgiving and forgetting Inspired by the boy who wears lavender and leather The boy who’s favorite color is light blueThe boy who’s different than the restInspired by the love from the boy right next to meInspired by the love that drives me   

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