Insomniac lucid dreaming

Tick, tick tock
the bell rings, startling me

Step, step, tap
my shoes moving swiftly through the hallways

Notebooks, pencils, paper
On every students desk

Expect for me, staring off at the board, mindlessly.

Riff, riff, ruffle
My teacher counts one, two, three...

Until she stops to look above towards me

Then away to the window beside me
And yonder off back to the board where she writes the newest assignment with today's objective

-Today is a special day as we will begin by reading about....

And here I am, watching my eyes go out of focus.

Slowly my eyes begin to twitch
No sleep again
as the gods and monsters of nightmares roamed beside my bedside

Creeping and shrieking until my eyes were wide-open

Words of my distaste, words of my displeasing, words I really just hate----

screamed so loud that all I heard what non-sense, limpid non-sense.

The gods stood higher than ever
while the demons and monsters pranced around and round me, until I say up nearly crying

Holding my hands to my ears trying the block away the words of my distaste.

Shaking, shivering, completely screaming

But no one came to save me
No one came in to stop them
And they laughed
Laughed harder and longer, watching me crying

And they mocked me and poked me like I was nothing but a doll

I was dying, dying of no aire, dying to escape, but how I asked, how must I when they've kept me to my bed.

Sheer slant of sweat rolled down my back,
My body was heating up
in frustration
Anger, fear

No longer will this stand
No longer will they stand

Shaking my head quicker, looking up to their god, I saw it,
I saw the fire
The fire of hell

No, no, no I say
No, no I say again

Laughter from the demons
Huffs from the monsters
Slowly the god got smaller and smaller
And I stood, on my bed

No, never, not ever I say
No, never, not ever I say again

I jumped tumbling to the floor
I stood up, huffing harder and harder
wanting to bash their heads to the walls of my bed

NO NO NO I say louder
NO NO NO I say scream louder and louder

I look down at my feet
to see action figures beside the bed
hundreds of them
all shaped into those beasts

And I open the door to see nothing but a fire in the darkness

No sunshine, no brightness
Just pure darkness with a fire inside the den

Snap, snap, clip clap
The noise of hands beside my head

Clap, clap, snap, snap
I look up to see her above me
Looking down upon

Tick, tick tock
the bell rings startling me

Step, step, tap
Other students left the classroom.

And here I am
looking into her eyes
limpid baby blue, like my mothers.

"Insomniac lucid dreaming"
10:52pm 01.14.14

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