Inside a Season


The leaves start to turn shades of red and orange,

The air becomes brisk and cold.

Fall comes so quickly,

In the blink of an eye.


Football is back on the television,

High school, College, Nationals.

Players, coaches, and athletic trainers 

All stand on the sideline.


The players from opposite teams

Run at one another with unknown speeds

Clashing bodies, knocking helmets together.

A player goes down on the field.


"AT! AT!" The referee screams,

The athletic trainer runs onto the field 

At a full force speed.

They reach the player to help them.


They show concern and ask what happened.

They quickly perform a special test

Help the injured athlete up

And walk them off the field.


A rewarding job indeed for a hard working AT

When signs show a healed athlete.

Due to a caring AT

The athlete has a speedy recovery. 


Football gives no breaks for an athletic trainer,

Fall is surely a fun time for them.

A family is formed throughout the team,

A family that is missed when the season ends.


Leaves fall from trees,

leaving them bare. 

Fall is leaving

Leaving memories behind

Until next fall. 


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