Inside My Head (The Death of Me)


The death of me

Is inside my head,

Where hateful voices come out and play.

Inside my head, I'm already dead. 


It comes in waves,

Subtly then drowning me.

My only comfort; in a blade.

Inside my head, I am not free


My demons and I 

Are waging a war inside

Until my final goodbye

And when the voices subside


"Your body's a temple,

Handle with care." 

But mine is covered in scars

From times I've been unfair


Tears flood my eyes,

From the voices in my mind.

I am ready to say goodbye,

To see the light I couldn’t find.


With a smooth slip, I see the red

Across my wrist as it was kissed.


Inside my head, 

They say I won't be missed. 

Since I'm already dead. 




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