Insert Pretentious Diamond-Related Title Here, Please

When I hear the word flawless, 

I think of precious gems like diamonds. 

The thing about a diamond is that

Its flawlessness isn't about brilliance or perfection; 

Unpolished diamonds look like every other rock. 

A flawless diamond is consistent. 

It might be consistently scruffy, 

It might be consistently ugly,

But that just makes it easier to clean. 

I, like that diamond, am flawless 

Not because I have any particular radiance

But because I'm consistently shitty. 

I might swim against the current I set yesterday, 

I might seem like a doppelganger sometimes, 

I might not be the same person twice, 

But I will be consistently awful. 


Let's go back to diamonds. 

Here's a curious tale to titillate your little friends at parties: 

Diamonds aren't worth much at all. 

I'm not talking about how, like money, sex, or puppies, 

They only have the value society ascribes to them. 

That's true, but they're also not that rare. 

If a multinational cartel didn't control most

Of the world's diamond mines, 

We would salt snowy streets with them 

Instead of jamming them into gilt rings. 

Why is this pebble the symbol of marriage? 

Manipulative advertising. 

Despite all the civil wars, 

All the shining flawless blood, 

All the workers breaking bones for their bread,

All the childhoods sold to the great god Mine, 

This rock is worth nothing. 


When I say I'm flawless, 

I picture a diamond. 


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