Tue, 01/21/2014 - 11:00 -- Angell

Sometimes y’all play like it’s confined to your mom and dad

But everyone, from Hawaii to the country of Chad

You and me and we all have

Internal conflictions

That make us sad

Never good, always bad

Sucks but don’t get mad, get glad

Not talking about a trash bag

Talking about a life you wish you had

Question is how do we / make / things / better


Personally I would need courses

No, advanced courses I would need to take

To dissuade the dissuading voices

Imploring, entreating, and then essentially destroying my choices

And the so called “life” I had to create


“You can’t brainwash me!”

To them I can attempt to say

But the eloquent, chromatic fluids that flow forcibly out my veins

Wrists and arms, all the same

Leaving visible scars of pain

Are evidently evidence that the voices have obviously done more than win this game

And really it’s just me whom I hate, who I blame


Please someone, someone please

Escort me up the pathway of acceptance

And don’t tease

Me, cause I've been down the road of deception

One, two many times

Three you’re lucky I’m alive

Four I’ll just die

Five, no lets jump to nine


This is a call for help

Calling for help

Help, help, help me survive

Don’t walk on by

You’re walking on by

Stop, I know you’re not Superman

That doesn't mean you can’t try

Will you help? Help?

Or will you be, cowardly be, my Kryptonite?


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