Hey, what did you do after school?

You watched a movie? Was it cool?

At the campus with a couple of friends?

Is it the friend that I met back when?

No it’s not her, but the movie is good.

I read the book, you really should!

Now we’re watching a TV show,

it’s about vampires wouldn’t you know.

That’s pretty neat, I’ll get on that right away.

My mother watched that show, she watched it everyday.

Anyways, your friend goes to that college?

Does she like it? I considered it an option.

Yes they like it, but i had to leave,

We have school in the morning, would you believe?

Your mother must be cool it is a great show

Is this your first choice? You can’t pick college too slow.


I’m not decided but it seems like a good choice.

The students there have outstanding poise.

Anyways, which friend were you with?

They live on campus? Isn’t that a trip?

It’s my friend James and couple of his buddies

He watches girl shows isn’t it funny?

Oh it was James? The guy that called the other day?

The one I asked about and you were reluctant to say?

The one you seen a movie with that one friday night?

The one that you have known much longer than I?

Yes he’s my friend, he invited me to watch movies.

I’m sorry you’re upset I didn’t think you would be.

Didn’t think I’d care, but I thought you did?

Don’t you like me any more than this kid?

He is your friend but I thought I was more.

I guess you don’t care because you went to his dorm.

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