Thu, 08/01/2013 - 15:42 -- ejlagoy


They think they're helping,
But the innocent are convicted.
Liars, hateful people
All for one cause; to ruin his life.
One lie can ruin the lives of many
This lie mainly ruined his.

I guess people have their opinions
But we had our proof.
Under age, sure.
Fueled by anger?
Was it true?
Could have been
Was it false?
Indeed it was

These thoughts go through our heads
Imagine what goes through his.
Didn't want the bargain
Why should he?
That's why

2 years will go by
His son will ask,
"Why did this happen?"
"Why did you do that?"

He will look up, saddened by this little boy
Who was brainwashed by a hateful family
Convicted wrongly.
Founded Guilty.

He knows he didn't do it
I know he didn't do it
He will tell him, he didn't do it.

Why didn't he take the plea?
He didn't do it.
Why would he say he did it?

He can say,
"This was the only choice I had
To have you look up to me
As a man, father, and friend

I didn't do it. 
They started a lie"
"So I couldn't have you."




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