The inner thoughts of this Hopeless Romantic


Ive had enough, I've done my time.

when is it time for my stars to align?

Im tired of being cast aside,

of being the bridesmaid and never the bride.

I just want someone to say that they need me,

to hold me and want me and say that they miss me.

no, I'm no saint, but who can claim to be? 

They say there's someone for everyone,


maybe. just maybe.


im sick of pretending that I don't have these feelings

like I don't sit at home in my bed at night weeping,

asking God why he didn't make me pretty and if I'm destined to be




People say I'm beautiful but I just don't see it

but until someone loves me I'll never believe it.

you say "society's the ugly one" but I just laugh and say

"saying society's they ugly one isn't going to make me any prettier"


"is it?"


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