Inner Demon


Go away you hideous beast

why do you want me dead,

stop dangling death in front of me,

get out of my  head.


Stop showing me the tall building tops

stop showing me the pain.

Just when I thought I was happy;

you remind me of the the rain.


You scared all my friends off,

oh and not to mention,

the fact you made my family think that I just want attention.


You got me locked up in a dungeon without any bars.

You made me slice at my skin,

To you I owe my scars.


You made me hate myself,

You made me not want to eat,

Why is it that you want me dead,

I was the face of defeat.


You made me wear all black.

and hoodies to cover the wounds.

I had no more support left.

You practically dug my tomb.

You made me despise all beauty.

I was jealous of its light.

But somehow I made it.

I survived the fight.

You became my only feeling,

My only existant mood.

It was no longer just one bad day,

You became my doom.

I guess I could say your gone now,

but you still haunt my soul,

you used to destroy me,

you where my inner black hole.

They say the meds will keep you gone.

but it takes more than so,

I have to believe in myself,

I have to learn to grow.

Your a part of me.

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