Infinitely Less Than Perfect

If I was skinnier,  If I were prettier. 
If I spoke softer, if I laughed less,
If I was half of the woman I am, 
And more of the woman she is…


The mentality of being more or less 
of the woman you are needs to fall 
From your hands like the remnants 
Of dried leaves after they have been 
Pulverized between your fingers; 
You do not need to be any more or 
Less than what you are in order to 
Succeed in acquiring attention from 
Him or any other person in this world. 

The sheer curve of your lips as they dip
Into your chin and remaining bones
Are enough to gain the attention from
Those worthy of existing in the multitudes
Of the galaxies residing within you.
You do not become whole or perfect
Because you are more or less of the 
Person that you are.  Stop feeding
Into the false notion of changing 
Yourself for someone else just because
You’re afraid you will never be enough. 
You are enough.  Maybe not right now, 
Maybe not for him, but some day there
Will come someone and you will be enough. 
You will be more than enough so please, 
Before you swallow any more of the person
You once were, stop, and start living
For yourself and not the molded
Perceptions of a society that urges you 
To change, or the twisted notions
In your mind that says that somehow 
She is more of a woman than you are; 
She hasn’t known your struggles, she
Hasn’t known your life, she hasn’t been 
Shaped in the same way, and you have
Been beaten down like this for a reason, 
You have a purpose and if that does not
Attract the attention of those you want it to, 
Walk away and find other people to 
Surround yourself with, walk away and give
All that you have to people more deserving. 
Do not entertain these harsh, useless thoughts. 
You are more than enough. 


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