You’d think with all the people in a room 

two people would never even notice each other.

You walk by so many people daily that it’d just be 

amazing to notice one person above the rest.


I don’t know how it happened, maybe you noticed me or

I noticed you or maybe we noticed each other.

Like in the movies when two people look at each other,

and they just stare for a while …. and they just know.


Like the way Noah just knew that Allie was the one (The Notebook)

or the way Henry fought for Lucy even though she couldn’t remember him.(50 First Dates)

Like how Landon fell for Jamie (A Walk To Remember) or even better

how Travis never gave up on Gabby ( The Choice).


Maybe I’m just an idiot and a hopeless romantic but

I feel like sometimes you just know and it’s once in a lifetime.

It's like getting struck by lightning except for your heart races like a stampede of horses running wild and you just can’t help but smile.


It feels like fireworks, they start the moment I see you and 

then they slowly start exploding in my chest.

 The best part about this feeling is that you’d never know it’s happening unless you saw me blush.


Before the stampede of horses and before the fireworks we were

just strangers, two people passing by.

Although even when we were strangers you always knew you’d find me

like the way I always knew I ‘d find you even if I didn’t know it was you.


Life is weird, it's like you could walk by the love of your life every single day and never notice them but yet somehow eventually you’ll have to meet.It's beautiful because no one would ever think to consider that the person they truly love could be sitting at a bus station four seats away from them.


We were never truly two strangers sitting across each other in a room,

we were two strangers who would eventually notice each other.

It wouldn’t have mattered the place or time because eventually, you would’ve met me and I would’ve met you and then the fireworks.


Once I met you I didn’t even know I had found you, but I figured it out

because unlike most people I didn’t want to know you.

I wanted you to show me who you were and once you did that I think the fireworks became explosions and the timer goes off every time I think about you.

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Our world


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