The Inescapable Prison


They sink with anger in the depths of Tartarus,

But no one sees them cry.

They crawl and snarl and shout with madness,

But no one really knows why.

They climb a mountain without any legs,

Because that is what they do,

And even though they try so hard,

Their plan does not go through.


I ask myself why I follow,

But I’m afraid to be left behind,

Where the light shines and shadows meet,

There’s nowhere left to hide.

They try to get rid of me once and for all,

Because they assume I make them weak,

But in reality, I make them stronger than they think.

I’m the reason they are human,

And the reason they survive,

So why do they feel the need to make themselves a lie?


Then one day I see a girl,

Who smiles and shares her laugh with the world.

A girl who knows she’s not alone,

Yet she hides behind the curtain.

I sense a fear of disappointment,

And she’s closing me off, little by little,

Yet I take hold until they reach her hand,

And let them show her the way to freedom.







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