Inescapable Fear

A- A friend a foe a follower

B- Cowardly shapeshifting beast,

A- A game a trick the grim reaper,

B- No reason I like him the least,

C- He stalks he controls he follows us,

D- Grows taller as time passes by,

C- This fear, this shadow isn’t stopping us,

D- Don’t have time to tell you why


E- Many learn to play with him,

F- Shape after shape on the wall,

E- Manipulating the soul with him,

F- They watch you collapse and fall,

G- A dragon a demon a zombie,

H- A monster with glowing eyes,

G- My fear it always follows me,

H- It is no longer a surprise,


G- My shadow is always behind me,

I-  I forget he is even there,

G- The times my fear escapes me,

I- Are the times I am really here,

J- He is round he is sqaure he is triangular,

F- Sometimes he is really tall,

J- My shapeshifting amateur,

F- Sometimes he isn’t there at all


K- They say to face your fears,

L- But my fear has no face,

K- I stare at him through blurry tears,

L- But he puts up quite a chase,

M- Every time I advance fear is there taking a step too,

M- The faintly me shaped silhouette attached to my shoe,


N- I saw him many times before,

O- Like when I rode my first bike,

N- It was him who made me hit the floor,

O- I collided with him with a strike,


A- Even at the movie theatre

P- My shadow can be seen,

A- Hiding behind me, an instigator

P- Flinching at every scary scene


Q- To overcome your fears just turn off the light,

R-  Embrace the unknowing darkness,

Q- Or else you will be fearful, valiant efforts in spite.




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