Thu, 09/19/2013 - 12:59 -- sakiser


My eyes glaze over,

His words drown out.

I know he is speaking,

But no words come out.


Pondering between yawns,

Correcting his lessons in my head.

His words never make sense,

I often feel we are mislead.


How can a teacher know less than a student?

Apparently my use of words like "ahold" is informal,

While his incorrect grammar remains without correction.

His only issue with my writing is that my style is abnormal.


Mixing opinion and fact,

His words persecute and upset.

Students grimace in pain, never speaking against his ignorance.

His ranting and nonsense, soon for us to forget.


I find my mind is wandering,

Hoping the hours melt by fast.

Once again my eyes glaze over,

Rather reminiscent of the past.


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