i      —-                          i don’t know. 

you are what i cannot comprehend 

you are                        the dry flakes of skin

you are                      blossoming on my lips

you are                       the fluctuations of my 

you are                          threaded blue irises 


maybe      Y O U  {you?}



          a r e          t h e           S  e  a    ; 




i don’t know. 

i don’t{do} know your name, and it hurts. 

you’re like smoke 

slipping through my fingers                        


          w  h  i  r  l  i  n  g 

              t    w    i     r     l     i     n     g 



(like the Sea?) 





like that great big bed of secrets that swallows the earth in its sheets

like that pair of churning arms that cradle the bodies, beloved and lost 



           l   i   k   e     —- 




oh, i don’t know. i’m just a poor peddler of words, but here are my wares: 



  you are indescribable{unthinkable} 

  you are intuitive{tentative}

  you are wordless{spiralling} 

              you are the parenthesis  (    ) 

              the    b r a c k e t s           [    ]

              and all the things in between 


        but what do i know of the ineffable? 

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