You've held my my hand whilst thus far, Barricading my innocence from the outside world, Preventing me from the "exploding" star, Casting me onto stage and act out a somber cry and curled,  Those cries were real as one's heal, My freedom shout could be heard clearer than music in your ears,  I will no longer jump to the height you ask, I'm now along way from being your padwan, It's no longer in my nature to come and bask, Let me to stand on my two feet, and reach number one,  I can not be puppet with penetrated strings,  Our agreement stands true, heartless and valid Towards your views I am an infidel  My self-taught teachings will help me in my inquiry.  Thank you for the council you gave me so willingly, But please stay out of it ever so gracefully, So far, I am grateful you have not foresaken me, Now is the time you lend some me independency.


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