The Incredible Human Being


I wish I could say that animals are unique. I wish I could say that they all can speak.

For they have no idea of the power of humans, for which they can be.

We have language, we have soul, we created a society to all have a home.

We all fight for what we want, and we all tell our different stories.

Only none of us are the same.


Humans have evolved as the earth itself.

We can control and make and be anything we want.

If that doesn't just chill you chills then I will be giving you a good taunt.

We can create new things.

We can change the world.


We must never forget our power.

We can end things.

We can destroy and change things into destruction.

One person can be the destruction of other humans.


We may be incredible,

but we must never forget our power.

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Our world
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