My inner thoughts are only dwelling to one thing, that’s college,

Where my knowledge and power will be used I promise,

For not only the present but the future,

My life has always been surrounded by doubters…losers,

People who say they want it all but aren’t willing to work hard for it all,

Once I enter into college, I understand what I need to do,

Not to be a failure like everyone thinks I’ll be,

Show up and show out, that’s the way I see,

I want it, I feel it, I need it more than my last breath,

Other’s opinion don’t matter, I have learned that,

A degree is much more than just numbers,

It’s an opportunity for my success to be rewarded,

Go get it like a bounty hunter

I want it all, you can hear it in my voice,

Getting a successful education, that’s my only choice…


Doryaun Harvey

Incoming Poem

30 July 2014


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