important to me


I'm from a city where everybody strugglin

Rap,comedy,sports the only thing that seems to be important

if you not in school or the tent  then you gotta be hustlin

everybody either starvin or soakin n their own poison

tryna find a way that dont lead you to the grave

or them walls cus behind them walls who can u call

getting told when to wake up when you can use the toilet or even make a call

only time the preacher ever see so many black people

is easter or when the lord calls

somebody home

you cry that day but the next you move own with your lives

is sad but what can you do besides educate the people

music degrades my race everyday got people thinking we all the same

not all blacks steal and just because im from the hood dont make me made of steal

not everybody is cut for that life but we all got problems we just gotta fight

my color diein everyday cus we killing each other

not to mention they killin a father or brother

thats somebody child so somebody love em

you may not care but its important to me

time to make a change for we all self destruct in self greed






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