Imperfections Are A Beautiful Blessing


I'm cursed, on the inside I'm hopeless & vacant;
I seek help for I need some sort of placement;
I struggle to understand and how to feel;
Am I a monster, for I must not be real;
They perceive me as weird, odd or different;
Leaves me feeling lost, broken & insignificant;
They point at me for being different, I laugh at them for being the same;
Maybe it's not me, perhaps they're the ones insane;
As hard as it is sometimes, I'll never give in;
For I'm better than that & that's the way I've always been;
So maybe I'm not hopeless, but I still might be weird;
Because now that I've accepted it, there's nothing left to fear;
Don't let your limitations pull you down;
Take control and you will bring IT to the ground;


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