Imagine the rolling hills in a faraway land

Where the wind blows through your hair

And softly kisses your cheek.

Imagine the sea, and its waves

Crashing against the sandy beach

And the mist that showers you with shivers.

Now imagine the darkest part of the night

Where you can’t even see your hand in your face

And that’s where your fears and pain all collide.

This is all mine - the hills, the sea, the night

It’s my life, my dream, my imagination.

And that’s what makes me flawless.

When things get hard and I want to get away,

I just imagine the soothing song of my sister

And suddenly, I’m okay.

When I’m happy I often start to see

The colors of the wind flowing around me

And my life becomes so much more.


My imagination makes me perfect
With the flutter of my eyes I can fix anything

And who said magic isn’t real?

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