Imagine what it would feel like:
Over, done, sinking, falling. 
Imagine what it would sound like:
The echo of your mother, her voice, calling. 
Imagine what it would smell like:
Hot, thick, sticky, vibrant, red. 
Imagine what it would taste like:
Cold, thin, dry, lucid, dead. 
Imagine yourself, never waking up. 
Imagine yourself, your life spilled.
Dumped out like water from a cup. 
Now imagine your family, desperate for your touch. 
Imagine their desolation, their anguish. 
Wondering if they'd said too much. 
Imagine your best friend, gripped with grief. 
Imagine her lost, aching heart.
Struggling with denial, beyond disbelief. 
Death is not the answer, truly, it's not. 
There's more beyond the darkness you're feeling. 
Your future is worth a shot. 


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