Image to Create

The Sky speaks to him with its Soul.
Telling him to speak the stories untold,
For those who were never able to be heard-
Because he is the Voice of the Wind
And their stories he has been shown.

The Wind whispers and the light gets dimmer-
As the night time fades away the day.
He watched, while time passed and realized the silence grew stronger
And the Silenced grew bigger
Because they had no words they feel they could have said.
He watched so closely,
Without realizing that he was too becoming part of the problem.
Moving away from his duties,
Of speaking up for those who needed him to say what they were feeling...

While observing the brewings of his silent brothers and sisters who had wounds that were fresh and oozing.
Dripping down with regret and remorse- As the wind blew away the sounds of their chest...

He sa in silence too,
Knowing that he was slowly failing the test.

He needed to wake up, snap out of the fantasies and,
Realize that his voice was his duties
He needed to pick up a pen,
And write down the words of the silenced chests'.

An image needed to be shown,
One that the true Heroes would know,
When the Wind finally blew for the waves of the next -

Generations will pass,
Time will still flow,
But now everyone will have the opportunity to know.

That the One had a voice and he used it with a pen. To write down words that stood up on their own.
Now everyone can see how
He will be, when he grows old and dies away.

He won't be alone for he flies with the Souls and the stories that were untold.

See he had a say, and that one is,
" For the truth you mustn't look so far away."
Because the truth will always follow you, just open your eyes and listen to what they have to say.

Then You too will have an Image to create


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