Sat, 11/10/2012 - 14:08 -- Corky


United States
43° 38' 36.5784" N, 116° 26' 9.6036" W

Trapped, encased in a cell of flesh never to be let free. Praying that someday someone will see the real me. Not this horrible pale prison that never lets anyone see, what is really there what truly can be.
Let me out of these chains that hang around me lose and sagging. Stop the voices in my head that never quit nagging. End this feeling of tormented lagging.
Doomed to be the outside shell. Nothing there, don’t pay attention there’s no story to tell. Unleash me from this vanity driven Hell.
Free this soul who wishes to live, to bring to life the joys no one gives.
Open eyes, shake the skies, destroy these beastly lies, that snake into every head where it lies, take down no more those who try, clipping wings that still will fly.

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