I'm Talking To You


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I’m talking to you
Hey There you!
Pull Up your pants, how dare you walk around like that and call yourself a man
Pants hanging low, you should be ashamed of yourself
That’s the reason why they created “The Belt”!
Fix yourself up, boy its two thousand and thirteen
You want to be a thug when you have an opportunity to live free!
You’re so worried about the way that you look
You should be more focused and put your head in the books
Do you know how many people fought so that we can walk around
But then you’re walking around here with your pants low to the ground
A chance to go to college a chance to go to school, a chance to be anything, but you’re worried about being cool?
It’s not cool when you’re sitting behind bars
It’s not cool when you can’t own a car
Once you get in trouble, trust me your friends won’t be around
But I guaranteed they will there while you’re being put in the ground
You may not have had a mom or dad, but that’s still no excuse
Because at the end of the day you are still responsible for you
Martin Luther King Jr, didn’t dream for you to kill
Didn’t dream of the black man dying off, to him this was unreal
Rosa Parks didn’t give up her seat for you to sit cuffed in the back
Malcolm X didn’t fight for you to turn and start acting like that
You spend two hundred dollars on a new pair of Jordan sneakers
Or six hundred dollars on your car, to get those brand new speakers
What ever happened to investing in yourself?
Learning how to be safe and watching your health?
Teaching your children the meaning of a dollar
Getting rid of “Baby Daddy’s” and creating the “fathers”
Working on Wall Street, school at NYU
How can we go from 1 million fighting
Now there is only a few
We were once slaves who had our freedom hauled away
It’s so sad that it’s coming back gradually everyday
We blame the government and our president for things they did not do
We live in a free Country RED WHITE AND the BLUE
Red signifies bravery, justice is the blue
White is what they fought for, to get freedom just for you!
Next time you yell out “Nigga” or you throw a flag in the sky
It becomes a day that another “brotha” dies
When you stand on a corner, when you should be at work
Just think of the person next to you, wearing you on their shirt
RIP to the black boy, Hail to all the Men
Stop picking up the guns and grab yourself a pen
Get yourself some khaki pants, and a button down shirt
Think about your coolness last, your presentation comes first
Stand up for what many have lost
And what we have come to
Next time your pants are hanging low
Know that I’m talking to you.
Written By: Janay Saxon




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