I'm Stronger Than What You Did

I can't believe that after all this time,
that night with you still plays in my mind
It isn't something that I choose to do,
but it's etched in my brain thanks to you
I somehow still see you when i sleep,
I wake up shaking and begin to weep
You ruined my trust with everyone else,
now when i go out I can't be my old self
But you don't deserve the time of day,
It's bad enough you had your way
It must've been nice not to be blamed,
I've been lucky enough to carry that shame
And I didn't stay quiet as a favor to you,
but to keep the peace with those we knew
I'll have to work hard at this every day,
but under your control I refuse to stay
You don't get to keep the power anymore,
I'm stronger now and closing that door

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I love reading poetry and finding that other people have shared my experiences. It's literally my favorite thing about poetry. Keep writing, Kellyb79.


Thank you. I'm finding that with reading poems as well. I hate to think others have to deal/have dealt with these things, but it's also nice to know you're not alone. Thank you for reading


I  can relate to this poem so much You did a great job


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