I'm A Stronger Person

where do I began ?

i offered love he ran .

i offered commitment

then get nothing but disrespect , lies , heartache , and disappointment .

i stopped trying and said fuck it all .

knowing that i was lieing to myself and hurt because he let me drop when i took a big fall .

finally got over all the bullshit !

so done not gonna take ANYMORE of it .

tried to do what he did

playing around and talking to alot of people

that got me no where .

i was lost and i realized i wasn't fully over him .

tried again then he fucked me over and dated my best friend .

she was like a sister to me

and you didn't even say im sorry .

"fuck him ! guys ain't shit !" thats what i said constantly .

but i knew it wasn't true he was just the one that hurt me deeply .

then i turned reckles and into a damn monster .

i can't blame it all on him because i did those things .

i felt so fucked up and confused .

i thought about the old me who wanted the fairytale and perfect guy .

then reality bitch slapped me and let me know thats not always true .

you have to sometimes struggle to get the grand prize.

thats when i opened my eyes .

everyone isn't bad it just him .

i've done crazy things but thats part of life .

i've loved and lost .

i tried to seek love in all the guys i've been with .

i went about love the wrong way .

all girls want is love and affection .

i want that too and some day when the time is right i will .

my dream guy will find me but for now i will take all of the things from my past and channel it to something positive

now i finally reall that ...

now im a stronger person .

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