I'm Sorry For Your Grieving Process


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“I’m sorry for your loss”
Yeah, so am I
Thanks for reminding me
Constantly that someone I love is gone
I appreciate the gesture
I really do
But do you know what I lost
Or is saying sorry “the right thing to do”

I know I’m not the first
And definitely not the last
To lose someone so dear, so great
People die every day
But does that make it easier?
No, it makes life harder to swallow

Can you not see I want to be alone?
Or gone
Or somewhere else
Where life isn’t so harsh
Where reality doesn’t smack you in face
Constantly reminding you of your place

“You’ll be doing the same for us”
That’s a great thought
Thank you, I really wanted to know that this heartbreak
Doesn’t just stop

But the sad part is, before all this, I still wasn’t happy
Because I was so worried about to live
After those who I hold dear were gone

“Love and Losses”
“Last Chances”
All horribly timed irony
I miss you Grandpa
And I’m grateful for the murderous kindness shown to me
But those condolences are like
A bandage pulled off too early

And that kindness
Is causing crazy chaos in my mind
And is killing this so called “Grieving Process”

So thank you once again
But if you really want to be a good friend
You won’t say “I’m sorry for your loss”
But instead
“Hey, bro, what kind of man was your gramps?”
Or even
“Hey, do you need a friend?”

And finally understand
It’s not a one week thing
And this sadness may last a little longer than
May think



I want to know more about your grandpa, seems like an inspiring figure.


He was a really great man, he came all the way from Ghana to America over 50 years ago to get a master's and later doctorate and ever since he's been big in his community he' my hero...I'd have to e-mail you to tell him everything he went through and accomplished....he was a great guy

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